Ra One on KBC 5

Bollywood industry has definitely changed with the passing of time and today most directors and producers are aware that better and bigger promotions can provide them with the power to recover all the money that they have spent on the movie. Most producers today love to spend extra 30 to 40 crore on marketing their movies because they know that this will bring them some kind of profit as marketing is the key to success these days. While we are talking about movie marketing we can never forget the biggest Bollywood star who is well known for his marketing ideas and that is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. 

SRK is going to be ruling the box office this Diwali and with Ra One now all set for release, Shah Rukh Khan is making sure that he leaves nothing behind that would provide his movie some kind of boost. There were already few rumors making rounds that SRK will be a part of Bigg Boss 5 which will begin in just few days, but SRK has decided to put an end to that rumor by stating that he will not be appearing on Bigg Boss 5 and instead he will be shooting for KBC 5 which will be telecast this week.

Amitabh Bachchan also tweeted right after the shoot that Shah Rukh Khan drop in at the sets of KBC and will be promoting his new movie Ra One at KBC 5. The King Khan has already appeared on various other shows for promotion like India’s Got Talent, Lil Champs and Just Dance. SRK is also trying to market his movie on a global platform through Google and YouTube and this is for the first time that any Indian movie is being marketed at such international level. Hopefully SRK will make his money from Ra One for sure.

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