Ra.One on Twitter

New Delhi: Shahrukh Khan is again reaching the headlines, but only for the right reasons. He is now vey eager to see his film “Ra.One” being released on Twitter. 10 seconds of film were released in the form of a teaser, and the audience is free to watch it and get an impression about the film. And considering the teaser, the audience will surely rush to the cinema to see the film. Or so SRK hopes.

The director Anubhav Sinha has unveiled the Ra.One teaser, and the first look of the teaser was released on the 23rd March, early in the morning. This is not all. There are another 40 seconds of footage set in the teaser, but these will not be shown until the 24th of March.  The full reveal will not be made on Twitter though, but on ESPN – Star channels. The date was not chosen by accident, but in relation with the world cup quarterfinal match, played between Australia and of course India.

The film is showing Sharukh Khan flying around like Superman, saving the world from disasters.

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