Ra.One or G.One? Who is SRK?

Mumbai: We have new information on the projects SRK runs. We were all under the impression that Shahrukh Khan played a superhero in Ra.One. Well, something is not really in its rightful place.

Ra.One is not played by our famous King Khan, but by another actor, Arjun Rampal, the antagonist in the film. Shahrukh actually plays the role of G.One, or so it seems. The full rumor says that, in fact, Shahrukh is playing a double role in the film, that of the scientist that creates the two robots, and also one of the robots, the good one, G.One.

This rumor only has us thinking more and more about the film and the story it is based on. How is SRK going to be seen in the film? That’s hard to say right now, since there is too little information coming out from the producers, but one thing is certain. Shahrukh Khan had better make something good out of this, since his last year was a pretty bad one in India.

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