Ra.One release

Mumbai: Even though there several months until the release of SRK’s upcoming movie production called Ra.One, the project has managed to set quite a few records. For instant, Star India has managed to get the satellite rights of the film for the amount of Rs 40 cr. The film of Shahrukh Khan has managed to go past the milestone set by yet another Khan in the Bollywood entertainment industry.

Prior to this, Multi Screen Media had paid Rs 36 crore in order to get the rights for Aamir Khan’s film 3 Idiots. Well it is more than obvious that Shahrukh Khan’s production will be one of the promising ones in the film industry of tinsel town. In the project in question are involved many famous Hollywood visual effects artist and technicians.

As for the music of the film, the one behind it is none other than Hans Zimmer, the Academy award winner. Many fans of SRK, us included, are very eager to see the release of Ra.One, as it is probably be a smashing hit at the box office.

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