Rahman and Gurinder team up

Mumbai: Rumors in the B-town entertainment industry are focused around the supposed collaboration between Rahman and Gurinder. It appears that the two have taken the decision of teaming up for a new animated musical about monkeys. The production house called DreamWorks Animation has convinced the composer Rahman to work at the ‘Monkeys of Bollywood’.

The picture is located in Mumbai and it is focused on two monkeys who do their best to stop an evil demon from conquering the entire world. On the film will also be working Stephen Schwartz who wanted to say that he is more than happy to be given the opportunity of collaborating with the famous AR Rahman. Although the picture is still in the talks, it raised some controversies in some areas about the fact that it was inspired from Ramayana.

AR Rahman is a world famous composer who even managed to win an Oscar for his work. With such a team working on the animated musical, one can only expect to see only great results.

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