Rajasthan Government Hits Agent Vinod

There is a lot of buzz happening around the Saif-Kareena starrer Agent Vinod which will release in December this year. The movie is being directed by Sriram Raghavan and many insiders believe that this action thriller will get good response from the audiences because of the way it is being directed and because of the new plot that has been used. However, Agent Vinod is still under production and things have become worse for the Agent Vinod team in Rajasthan as the local government has denied permission for shooting at the historic locations in Rajasthan. 

The film crew was already shooting at the historic location Kuldhara village near Jaisalmer but Rajasthan government has now denied permission for shooting claiming that the film crew never really asked for their permission before shooting. The local government said that the director and the crew should have asked for their permission before shooting at certain historic locations. The government also mentioned that the crew went ahead and broke certain rules and laws while shooting for the film defacing the ancient site and raising structures which were not permitted at all. Hence, the government is not happy to let the crew continue their shooting in Kuldhara village.

The government has now filed a complaint against Saif’s Illuminati Films and Eros International for violating certain laws and defacing ancient sites. As per the information, Saif was shooting for the climax of the film and that the producers have got the permission for shooting the sequence at the site. The issue has been mutually resolved but Saif is now not interested in shooting the scene at the same location. The producers are currently thinking of different location where they can shoot the climax instead of continuing their shoot in Kuldhara village. It looks like Agent Vinod is just going to face many more obstacles in the near future.

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