Ranbir for Mira’s film

Mira Nair, a great film director, is known for working only with actors, not simply stars. She works hard for her films, and the result are sensitive, poignant and funny movies, and excellent combination to the likings of everybody. She always needs very serious actors, as her characters are very strong and with an incredible personality.

Mira had only nice things to say about Ranbir Kapoor. She really wants to work with him, as she has noticed him ever since his first film and she believes that he gets better and better with each film. Ranbir Kapoor must now decide is he wants to be in “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”, Mira Nair’s new production. Ranbir would play the part of Changez. He is advised to make a decision quick if wants to be part of the production, as the casting team is considering other actors as well. Mira denied having considered Shahid Kapur for this part.

The film should amaze the public, as the main story speaks of the obsession everybody has about Islamophobia, an obsession she believes must be countered now.

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