Ranveer Singh movies to be selected by mentor

Ranveer Singh has assigned new role to Aditya Chopra a prominent role in his life citing him as his mentor or God as far as movie production is concerned; he would not do any film that was approved by his new mentor. This development seemed to be the reality because he was reported to have a role that was offered to him by UTV. The reason he gave for turning the offer is because his mentor had a contrary opinion that the director of the movie Nishikant Kamat is yet to make it big in the industry.

The role he was to have played for the UTV was a sport actor. The film was said to have a hockey setting, and it revolves around an unknown boy who volunteered to play for an unknown local hockey team in India. He performed well in the hockey team such he was invited to play for the national hockey team where he ended being a star with the national side. The role was acceptable to Ranveer but he was waiting for the consent of his boss Aditya who told him to turn down the offer and advised him to work with directors who are stars anytime he agrees to do outside film shooting. This made him to change his mind not to work on the movie. Since the previous movie that was produced by the director of the proposed hockey movie did not make wave in commercial circle the role was rejected.

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