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Random (Singh), he is!Gorgeous, he is!

Yes, he is a complete stunner. A reader’s delight…Someone who does not shy away from any thing!! He is the one star who zoomed his way to the A-list of Actors in the industry with his maiden venture. He has come with just one motive- to make it big in Bollywood; fully *Band Baaja Baraat* style. He is filmy, he is talkative, and he is exuberant. He is just himself. No pretensions, no starry tantrums. This is Ranveer Singh for you!

A self made actor: the only Bollywood outsider who has made it this big, after Shah Rukh!
No godfather, no support system. Yet he has rocked many a charts, toppled many actors and made a brand new mark of his own since last year. He is undoubtedly the most comfortable star to speak to. You can chat for an entire day and yet not feel lethargic and bored. That’s his charm. And this time his charm worked wonders, as expected.
In this interview we meet the sweet and innocent *Ranveer Singh*, caught in a lively and jovial mood (quite usual) going all out to make this a Special coverage.
My personal favorite, we caught the star in his most Candid avatar as ever!
Read on, folks!!

You are one of the few industry outsiders who have made it this big in Bollywood. How does it feel breaking the jinx that existed in Bollywood earlier?

I take great pride in the fact. As for example, the industry is talking now and giving more importance to merit, as opposed to image. It had been for many years. So people from outside who want to break into the industry get very discouraged, knowing that the prime opportunities are reserved for few people and are not about them. In my case, there is this guy (referring to him) who is being launched by the biggest production house in the country and it kind of, sets an example for the other producers in this industry to give an opportunity to people who have talent, passion and want to work hard for it! It’s a very proud thing again. I remember “Band Baaja Baraat” came out, few months ago there was an article written about me. It said my father had paid for me to bag the role and stuffs like that. Not only did that upset me, I was very hurt. I wanted my life to be an example to all those people who are struggling to be a part of this industry. I want to show them that the industry is changing, things are becoming better and they also stand a chance. Because when I was struggling, I had no such case that I could look up to. It was only Shah Rukh Khan and that was twenty years ago. In fact, there was a period in between when I was around 15 when I had to give up my dreams because wherever I go, I saw only star sons being launched. I really had no such story to look into, for hope then.

Getting a break in Bollywood, and that too with a spot on Yashraj movie, you must have been overjoyed. Weren’t you?

Yeah. I was crazy. I couldn’t believe it myself. When I actually got the call for the audition, I was not sure myself about the efficiency of this call. I knew Yashraj film never launched new faces as leads. So, when the call came, I was quite surprised myself. And even when I went for the auditions I knew yaar, this is make or break. All my life, all through my struggling period, this is the kind of break that I have always hoped for. The main lead in such a big production company as the first film: There could be nothing better than this. When I went for the auditions, I knew that it was completely a make or break situation for me, that I had to give a very good audition. There are no two ways about it. And finally when it did happen, I couldn’t believe it. I really just couldn’t believe it. I called my mom, I called my dad, I called my best friend and yeah, it was a very special day in my life. I have to admit that for sure.

Coming to “Band Baaja Baraat”, the movie ushered in stupendous response and you became a star overnight. How does it feel now when you see people around you crooning ‘Hi Ranveer’?

(Bursts out into a laughter after hearing me imitating his style of ‘Hi Ranveer’) You know wherever I go nowadays; girls come up to me and say Hi Ranveer. (Still laughing). And it’s a thing that I have experienced and that is what I have tried to put into what you might call, a story of my life in the last year. I guess that’s what the rap was about: it was about my life in the past year. And that happens. Everywhere I go the girls say, ‘Hi Ranveer’. Some boys also say. But I am happy that more girls say so than the boys! And then it was great that Band Baaja Baraat got the response that was needed. It was very important for me to make an impact or the film that I am a part of makes an impact right at the outset.

And so with all the bands, baajas and baaraats, you bagged all the Best Debutante Awards this year. You simply whitewashed the entire scenario at Awards last year. And then while receiving your first award, you even started crying. How was the feeling initially when you actually got your first award?

It was very overwhelming and all the more because Shah Rukh sir was giving me the award. He is a guy whom I have idolized, whose films I have grown up watching. I always thought that someday I wanted to be like him. And he has got a lot to do with me wanting to become an actor also. So here he was, giving me an award for my first film: My first award. So ya, that was a really really overwhelming moment.

SRK even called you personally to congratulate you for the performance…

Yes, he did! It was actually the Monday or Tuesday that after Band Baaja Baraat had released. He had called for the print and he had watched it. He called me one day when I was in the office and I couldn’t take that call. But then, finally I could speak to him. He spoke to me for about two or three minutes and he said the most wonderful things. I never speak about what he told me because it is so special, so close to my heart that I just want to protect it. It’s a very personal thing for me. Whatever he told me on the phone, I can assure you, were some of the loveliest things I have heard, the most encouraging ones.

Reportedly, now you want to do an action movie. Is that true?

Actually, number one, I am bent to do action. Number two would be a thriller or a drama. And somewhere down the list would be romantic comedy. This is on my priority now. But Maneesh Sharma was very clear that I am a guy who is made for action. And I believe that. That is why I am itching to do an action film. Hopefully I will know which I would be doing very soon and if its action, then I would be more than happy.

Rapid Fire:

If you were on a lonely island with Anushka, you would: We would have killed each other then and there. Then toh sirf hum dono ki laash milti. (Laughs)

A secret about Ranveer Singh that nobody knows: There are a lot of secrets which nobody except Ranveer singh knows! But yes, I have a fetish for shoes. (On pestering him a bit, he also added) I also have a fetish for arm flesh. The flesh on a woman’s upper arm.(laughs)

Your favourite cuisine: Desi Chinese!

Somethinh that you go bananas over: Radiant skin and good diction, in women

A body part that you think makes you look even sexier: My butt, I guess!!

Something that you want to change within yourself: My lack of control over my emotions. I don’t like it.

One role you wish you had played: One role that I definitely want to play would be of Tony Montana, which was originally played by Al Pacino in ‘Scarface’ (1983). And among the Bollywood ones, I wish I had done Shahid’s role in ‘Kaminey’.

Five words that best describes you: Stupid, bloody idiot, cool donkey!

You were being linked to Sonakshi and now you are doing a film with her. How are you feeling?

There is obviously a friendship now. I have started working with her recently. We performed together at an award function and we also did some photo shoots together. So yes, I have been working with her  before Lootera happened and therefore, I have been interacting with her more than I had in the past year. She is a wonderful person to work with and I know her a little better now. I guess, now she is away shooting her films and I have other work to do. So, I don’t think I will see her again for a long time till the next shooting leg of Lootera begins.



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