Rascals and Hum Tum Shabana Tries Old Bollywood Formula

What do directors do when they have no better ideas for the future scripts? Well, they go reverse and find some good scripts that they have already done in the past. This is exactly what has happened with Rascals and Hum Tum Shabana. The directors decided that they would go back to the same old Bollywood formula and make sure that people would keep laughing till they come out of movie halls. Both the movies are very similar to each other and that is soon becoming a problem for both the movie directors. rascals poster

Interestingly, the plot of both the movies matches with the Deewana Mastana script that has Anil Kapoor, Govinda and Juhi Chawla in it. In the earlier version, Anil and Govinda both fight hard throughout the movie to get Juhi Chawla’s attention and finally things go wrong for both. The same script applies in Rascals and Hum Tum Shabana as there are two heroes trying to impress one female character. In Rascals, Ajay and Sanjay try to impress Kangana Ranaut while in Hum Tum Shabana Tusshar and Shreyas try to impress Minissha Lamba.

Both the movies are comic entertainers and they both come one after another in the same month. There are many film experts that claim that this might not work for both the films because the audiences have already seen such scripts and therefore they won’t buy it this time. However, some experts claim that audiences love comedy movies and they will love the script even though it has been seen before. On the other hand, the director of Hum Tum Shabana Farhajaan Sheikh has claimed that their movie is just an inspiration from Deewana Mastana but the plot is completely different. Now, it all depends on the luck and the love of audiences for both the movies.

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