Rekha to play with Rajinikanth in “Rana”

New Delhi: The film “Rana” by Rajinikanth is almost ready to have the shootings begin. After several discussion with actress Madhuri Dixit, who in the end decided that it was not an appropriate role for her, the producers moved on to find another actress who will prove her skills in the film and perform an excellent job.

The evergreen actress Rekha has agreed to play the role, after she was approached by the producers of the film. “Rana” will be a bilingual film, appearing in Tamil and in Hindi. There will be three leading female roles. Rekha will play one of them, while Deepika Padukone will play another, and the third actress has not been yet decided, though Anushka seems a likely pick.  

Rekha and Rajinikanth are not at their first collaboration together. They have shared the screen space once more back in 2000, when they met while working for the film “Bulandi”, and later they have met again to work for the film “Phool Bane Aangaray”. Rajinikanth will be having a hard work with this film, as he plays a triple role.

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