Rockstar Caught by Junglee Jawani Act

Movies today have become a better way to earn money, not only for the directors and producers but also for those who are somehow connected to it. There are controversies surrounding every movie that is being released in the movie hall and Rockstar is no exception. Rockstar which is directed by Imtiaz Ali and which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in the lead role has now landed in the new controversy after they had problems over the Free Tibet flag. 

In the movie, there is one scene where Ranbir and Nargis go to watch a semi-porn movie called Junglee Jawani in a seedy theatre Amar Talkies. Although, this does not sound like a controversial scene but it has definitely raised problems for the director. Ashika Suryavanshi who actually stars in that C grade film has now come up with complaints that makers of Rockstar have tarnished their reputation by showing her scene in the movie. She is also upset on the makers of Jungle Love in which she has acted because they never took her permission before giving away the rights to the makers of Rockstar.

Currently, the complaint has been filed with CINTAA (Cine and TV Artistes Association) against Imtiaz Ali and producers Shree Ashtavinayak and the producer of Jungle Love, Suresh Jain. However, it looks like that nothing much will happen over this because both the producers are working on the matter to resolve this at the earliest. So far there is no response from Imtiaz Ali and producers Shree Ashtavinayak as they have informed their legal advisors to look into the matter and resolve the case as soon as possible. However, it certainly looks like people love to make hay while the sun is shining because these issues are only brought up when the movie is released in cinema halls.

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