Rockstar Failed to Rock the BO

Even before the movie was released, Rockstar had received some really good response from the people and movie lovers. Mainly because of the performance of Ranbir Kapoor that was visible in the teasers and trailers but more than that because of the stunning music by A R Rahman. However, things have not worked for Rockstar after the release of the movie because of mixed reviews and many people claim that the script is not that great post interval. Hence, people are looking for better movies on which they would spend their money rather than watching a movie that they can wait to watch on TV. 

Rockstar might have accelerated the career graph of Ranbir Kapoor as one of the best and promising actors in the industry but it does not boost the movie at all. Most of the movie watchers that have watched Rockstar have claimed that although the performance was really good the script goes out of the world after the introduction of Nargis Fakhri in Prague. The film did well in the opening week but soon after that Rockstar failed to impress the audiences especially Indian audience that would enjoy Bollywood music rather than rock music.

Internationally, Rockstar does have better ratings and the collections are good as well but if you compare the numbers of Rockstar with Ranbir’s Anjaana Anjaani then you will find that Rockstar has not really impress the audiences internationally as well. The numbers are not great in UK, US and Australia which are emerging markets for Bollywood movies. Although, the promotion factors did work all over the world but the magic remained only for the first few days and then there is no good recovery for the latest movie by Imtiaz Ali. It looks like that Rockstar will hit rock bottom in just few days now.

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