Rockstar under Censor Board Scrutiny

It has almost become a trend to create some kind of news when the movie is just about the hit the theaters. Well, some people call it as new kind of promotion while some feel that genuinely movies go through lot of scrutiny these days are people are more conscious and informative about the film scripts. Censor Board have always played an important role in keeping the films watchable for the family audiences and therefore they look out for any unwanted words or scenes that people should not watch in theaters. Rockstar is just a week away from its release and now it has come under Censor Board scrutiny. 

There is no doubt that Rockstar is the biggest and most hyped movie that is going to be released on November 11 and that stars Ranbir Kapoor and new sensation Nargis Fakhri. The movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali who has always made family movies but this time Censor Board is not going to let go this movie without certain edits. The film today received U/A certificate instead of U certification because of explicit dialogues and certain objectional scenes.

As per the director of the movie, Rockstar tells us about small town boy who rises up to become a rockstar. However, Censor Board feels that certain Hindi and English words are just too much for family audiences and therefore they are beeped. As per Imtiaz Ali, these words are just outlet of the frustration that the character carries inside him. On the other hand, there is one particular scene which shows a flag that reads Free Tibet. Censor Board objects that scene and have asked the director to remove that scene or blur the flag portion digitally. Although, the director has said that they would remove that scene from the movie but the official confirmation has yet to come.

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