Rohit Dhawan Vs Bollywood

David Dhawan might have enjoyed some of the best times in Bollywood, but his son Rohit Dhawan is already experiencing some high tides with his new movie Desi Boyz that have remained in controversy since the day it has been promoted all over the globe. Immediately after the first promos were out the movie went into controversial state when Shyam Devkatte claimed that it was his story that was stolen by one of the assistant of Rohit Dhawan. However, Rohit is now facing some real heat from some of the top Bollywood directors and experts that feel that the movie deserves A Certificate, while Rohit feels the otherwise. 

Rohit Dhawan was not happy with Censor Board’s decision of giving Desi Boyz A certificate because he feels that the movie is very clean and it does not show anything that would affect the minds of children in anyway. He did made statements that he is not happy with the decision of Censor Board and he requested Censor Board people to change it from A certificate to U/A certificate but unfortunately his request was turned down and the movie still remains as A certified movie.

Although, Rohit has been saying that he is still not happy with the decision there are many Bollywood people who feel that Censor Board has taken the right step by rejecting Rohit’s request to make this U/A certified movie. Many Bollywood filmmakers feel that male escort scripts should be considered as adult content even though it has humor connected to it and that it will not hit the performance of the movie as youngsters still watch it and love it. Recently, there were many movies like No One Killed Jessica and Delhi Belly that received A Certification but they still managed to draw crowds and make good business from the movie.

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