Sabrina Lall liked ‘No One Killed Jessica’

Mumbai: In a recent interview, Sabrina Lall stated that she really liked the film ‘No One Killed Jessica’ made by Rajkumar Gupta. Sabrina is the sister of Jessica Lall, the model who was shot dead in the ’90 by the son of an influential politician. She has fought a long and hard legal battle in order to bring Jessica’s killer to book.

Regarding the film which was just released, Sabrina said that she believed it to be very veridical in the way that the facts were presented. It was very moving and in her opinion the movie production managed to present the story quite well. Thanks to this project she is confident that her sister will not be forgotten and she will remain the minds of everyone forever.

Right won to the conversations of the characters, the film ‘No One Killed Jessica’ really managed to present the facts just as they had happened after the tragic death of the young model. The director was admired by Sabrina for his work in this movie.

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