Salman Khan impresses again, ‘Ready’ grosses Rs. 41 crore

Mumbai: There is no secret to anyone that last year, the movie production Dabangg managed to make it big at the box office. The film gathered earning of Rs 48.25 crore in the first weekend from its release. It seems that this year the Bollywood actor Salman Khan managed once again to make big at the box office with the romantic comedy Ready. This latest production of the famous actor managed to gather the amount of Rs 41 crore.

Still the producers admit that the current movie is no match to the film Dabangg, considering the content and appeal. Not to mention the fact that many people do not take pleasure from a long innings at the box office, however it is an entertainment movie and had a good opening. According to Yogesh Raizada, the manager of Wave Cinema, the film Ready had a very good opening day at the box office.

He added that the occupancy has been of almost 95 per cent and it is what you could call a family entertainer. Talking about the performance of the leading actors, the manger wanted to say that Salman Khan was indeed ideal for playing the part and has managed to so full justice to his character. As for Asin, she has also done well in the film.

Compared to the prior production Dabangg – who cost Rs 18 crore – the current film is a more expensive one as it was shoot in an urban setting – the cost of the production has been placed around the sum of Rs 50 crore. The entire film production was filmed in Thailand and it’s about a man– Salman Khan – who helps a woman – Asin – escape from marriage. As expected the response of the audience was actually very well, as Sallu managed to impress them once again.

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