Salman Khan plans to show ‘Chillar Party’ to Ambika Soni

Mumbai: The B-town super star Salman Khan has a few plans regarding his project ‘Chillar Party’. The latest buzz in the film industry of Bollywood is that the famous actor wants to show the movie to Ambika Soni – who is the Minister for Information and Broadcasting. This movie production is the first one made by the Bollywood super star and has been produced under his banner called Salman Khan Being Human Productions.

A few days ago the Bollywood actor Salman Khan said that he wants to show the movie to Ambika Soni in order to make it tax free. “Let’s see if that happens” wanted to add the tinsel town celebrity. Salman Khan just launched a few days ago the first promo to the film ‘Chillar Party’ – which has been scheduled to be released on the 8th of July and as you may know it is his first co production with UTV.

The directors of the flick in questions are newcomer to the industry and are called Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl. The story of the film in question revolves around the group of a few innocent young children from Chandan Nagar. They are in fact a group of feisty kinds and the action begins when two strangers enter their lives.

When asked by reporters if he will continue to produce more films under his banner, the tinsel town actor Salman Khan said that this is a good idea. He in facts intends to do just that. If he will come upon a great script and a good film he will more than sure be interested in making it happen. “When we get good scripts and good films to make, we will definitely produce them,” were his exact words. So far the production ‘Chillar Party’ announces itself to be a smashing hit.

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