Salman’s READY stresses director Anees Bazmee

Mumbai: It seems that Anees Bazmee, the director of ‘Ready’, has had quite enough of rumors and speculations at his expense. Apparently the over involvement of Salman Khan in the post production editing as well as the actor taking charge of the film ‘Ready’ have not stopped the director from making his contribution in the movie production. But what has really disturbed the famous producer was the over commitments which he has made after his smashing hits at the box office, the movies ‘Singh is king’ and ‘No Problem’.

In a recent interview, the Bollywood director has said that “I used to do one film at a time during my Deewangee and No Entry days. Even when No Entry became such a huge hit, I started work only on one film – Welcome. Post that it was Singh Is Kinng and then No Problem, all of which arrived at a good gap. It was all very comfortable. But last one year has taught me a tough lesson around what happens when you take up too much work.”

In spite of the fact that his production Thank You is not as successful as his prior project, it still one of the most popular flicks of the year, being the second grosser of the year after Yamla Pagla Deewana.

Talking about his movies productions, Anees Bazmee told reporters that “I thought I could do Thank You and Ready together but it turned out to be ‘two much too soon’. I am sure I would never work in parallel on two films again. Thankfully Thank You has managed to sail through and Ready is looking great as well. However I realize that there is a lot of stress involved. I have no intentions whatsoever to enter into the Guiness records by working in multiple films.”

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