Samir’s lucky mascot

Mumbai: Samir Karnik, the famous film director, was in a huge dilemma, as he could not find or create any role that would suit Vatsal Seth in the film “Yamla Pagla Deewana”. The actor had a part in the previous film directed by Samir, and the latter was very impressed with the actor’s skills and ability to fit in with the character’s personality.

Samir stated to the press that Vatsal is not a star yet, but he does believe that the actor is on the rise. Samir calls Vatsal his ‘lucky mascot’. The director confesses he was heartbroken when he couldn’t find a place for Vatsal in his film, YPD. This was the first film the director could not cast the actor in.

However, fate brought the two together. The actor had a role in the film “Hostel”, the trailer of which was attached to YPD. Samir felt like the actor was in the film, just that indirectly.

So destiny brought the two together after all. Does this mean that the film YPD will be a success? We’ll just have to see.

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