Sanju Baba talks about ‘No Problem’

The Bollywood superstar Sanju Baba is very excited about his upcoming film called ‘No problem. He is very thrilled because he had the opportunity of working at this quality project. In a recent interview the well liked Bollywood actor said that after doing serious movies such as ‘Knock Out’ and ‘Lamhaa’ is more than happy to work in a comedy.

The story of the movie is a very nice one. It is based around two childhood friends Yash Ambani played by Sanju Baba himself and the other Raj Ambani performed by Akshaye Khanna. The two friends are crooks and the story of the movie is placed around their misfortunes in life. Raj is interested in doing something different in the future, than this small times crooks.

Yash on the other hand always gets involves in crimes, one way or the other. The story of the movie ‘No Problem’ gets even better with the appearance of a new character called Zandulal, played by none other than popular Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal.

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