Shabri promises women in action

One of the latest movies that are billed to hit the Bollywood is a movie titled SHABRI. The movies has been released on August 26th, today. This is promising to be action packed. The movie Shabri was a brain work of Lalit Marathe who doubles as the movie director. Marathe started his career in Bollywood with Ram Gopal Varma’s popular movie titled Bhoot. He was the writer of that movie. Since then he has risen to prominence in the movie world.

Shabari  features stars like Ishaa Koppikar who would be the principal actor in the movie. The movie is all about a woman crime lord. It centers on the woman who who struggles to overcome all the challenges posed on her way to success. She surmounted all the problems and was christened crime lord of Mumbai she was first woman to be named as crime lord of the city of Mumbai.

The other actors who feature in the movie include Eesha Koppikhar, Pradeep Rawat, Manish Wadhwan, Zakir Hussain as well as Raj Arjun.

Story is centered on dignity, survival and determination of a woman who is able to surmount all the obstacles that are placed on her way. She had struggled hard to take care of her parents and sibling. It was her determination to see that her brother take a good place in society by working hard to push him to the highest level of education. She met obstacles and challenges all the way and she was determined to overcome all these obstacles and challenges. In the end she triumphed it was not easy for her as a lady and that was the first a woman was able to attain her feet in city of Mumbai.

It is a very interesting movie which would make the watchers spell bound until the end of the movie.

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