Shahid grows mustache

Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor will be the couple most awaited on the big screen for the next year. The film “Mausam”, in which the two will form a couple, is expected to come out soon, and most film lovers in India are awaiting the release of this film very eagerly.

“Mausam” is the first film in the career of newcomer director Pankaj Kapur. Pankaj, the father of actor Shahid Kapoor, lead actor in the film, has never directed a film before and is very eager to release it and see if  the people like it. Shahid has been photographed on the set of the film “Mausam”, and we must say he blends in beautifully.

The film has been holding the headlines ever since news of its making came out. One of the main reason is the new look of Shahid, who portrays an officer in the Air Force. His mustache shocked some of his admirers.  

Shootings for the film took place at Edinburgh, in the Scotland countryside, and currently in Punjab.

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