Shakal Pe Mat Ja to be premiered at SAIFF

Most people believe that big films come from big directors, producers and some really great film banners, but that is not always true. There are great movies that have come from small production houses and from directors who have never directed any movies in the past. Shakal Pe Mat Ja might be the same case this time because the director Shubh has never directed any movies earlier but he has written and directed this movie and it has already been selected to be premiered at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York. 

Shakal Pe Mat Ja went through lot of problems during the casting and during the production time as well, but finally they have something to celebrate. The South Asian International Film Festival features some of the best works of South Asian film makers and performers across the world and therefore it is the best platform that this film crew could have asked for. The festival will be held in New York from November 9 to 15 and the actors and director are really happy to see their movie being promoted on such international scale.

Talking about the movie, Shubh, director of SPMJ said that he is travelling frequently to New York for the promotion and that the entire movie cast and crew are delighted that the movie has been selected at the SAIFF. He also stated that they have worked hard on the movie to make it better experience for the audience and they can see that  their efforts are finally paying off. He also informed that Saurabh Shukla and he will be present at the opening premiere of the film. The producers Linc Entertainment and co-producer Hrishitaa Bhatt are extremely delighted about the movie going to international film festival even though it does not have a big banner or budget attached to it.

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