Shekhar did not refuse Penelope Cruz

New Delhi: One of the most loved Indian filmmakers, Shekhar Kapur, known mostly for his Hollywood project “Elizabeth”, said that he was shocked when he heard the rumors stating that he had turned down an offer to direct a film starring the Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz.

‘Why would any director in his right mind say no to Penelope Cruz?’ Shekhar shouted out. He was more than surprised at the thought of this rumor. The 65 years old filmmaker has posted his commentaries on his Twitter account.

According to the media, Penelope Cruz herself approached Shekhar, asking him to direct her forthcoming film. The film is based on the novel “Passion India”, by Javier Moro, and supposedly, the filmmaker had walked away from the project, explaining that he is busy with two different projects, “Paani” which will probably star Hrithik Roshan, and “Twilight” with the actress Kristen Stewart.

Shekhar made his debut with the film “Masoom”, which was critically acclaimed, and later his fame grew with the films “Mr. India” and “Bandit Queen”.

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