So, so sad!

Mumbai: Considering that a very popular and loved director has announced his 150th film venture, the entire Bollywood film industry is getting ready to celebrate and make the event one to be remembered.

The cast is not to be neglected. Every aspect has been very well taken into consideration and the amount of work and time invested into the film to make it successful must be appreciated. With the top line producer C. Kaylan backing up the film, and a meaningful script developing a strong story, what more could somebody ask for?

Yes, yes, I know! The name of the film. We are, of course, speaking of “Parama Veera Chakra”, and about the director Dasari Narayana Rao. Unfortunately, things aren’t as great as they first sounded like.

The audience was not impressed, as the narrative technique is very old and the script was miserably written. Sadly, Dasari failed to make the film as good as he used to, but things have changed greatly since he first started directing, 150 films back. A golden opportunity thrown away…

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