Speedy Singhs is Breakaway Internationally

Movie makers in India are now aware that there is a large Indian audience available outside India and therefore they have to make movies that cater to both the audiences. However, there are always some changes made for the international audiences because it would look boring to them if too many songs and unwanted scenes are added that don’t fit as per their culture. Speedy Singhs will have also have a different title for overseas audiences and therefore internationally it will called Breakaway. However, Akshay has clarified that except the title the entire movie will be same for both the audiences. speedy singhs

Akshay’s Speedy Singhs is a movie made with Indo-Canadian collaboration and therefore there will be a huge audience in Canada that might go for this movie. Director Robert Lieberman said that there was no pressure on him to make the movie as per certain criteria and therefore he decided to go with the universal concept. He also said that Akshay believed that the story of the movie should be able to attract all kinds of audiences and should have the capability to stand on its own. The movie has Hindi, Punjabi and English dialogues in various scenes so that it becomes convenient for all audiences to connect.

Before Speedy Singhs it was Kites that was made keeping in mind the international audience, but Kites had two different versions and both the versions didn’t do well on the box office. Soon after that it was My Name is Khan which did well internationally as well as in India. Speedy Singhs has a good universal story line about ice hockey team made up of man Sikhs and therefore the emphasis here is not on Sikhism but on the universal concepts like bravery, dedication and team work. Breakaway will be released in various other countries like UK and USA apart from Canada.

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