SRK’s decision to back RA.ONE surprised Anubhav

Mumbai: You may not know this, but when super star SRK made the decision to back Anubhav Sinha by agreeing to do ‘Ra.One’, many people from the tinsel town film industry were surprised to say the least. After all, the celebrity had just delivered Cash, and in spite of the fact that the two were talking about it for quite a while, it was pretty much expected from Shahrukh Khan to al least gives it another though.

Still, King Khan made the decision of doing this production right away and did not want to let go of the idea of backing up a super hero movie production such as ‘Ra.One’. The rumors in the film industry of Bollywood are that the film in question was rather costly, with a presumed budget of 150 crores.

Even the director Anubhav has said in recent interview that SRK’s decision came as a shock to him too. In fact it seems that the film maker himself asked Shahrukh Khan several times if we were sure about this collaboration and if he wanted some more time to think about it. But SRK had already made up his mind, and the production for the film started. ‘After CASH, people had written me off and here was Shahrukh giving me the biggest film ever to be made in the country. It was pleasantly shocking nonetheless when he continued to stick to his decision,’ said Anubhav.

And now the promo of the film is out and every one can definitely agree that the expectation we all had for the movie production were surpassed. The film is scheduled to hit the floors all over the world on the 26th of October, and with a cast that includes Arjun Rampal and NKareena Kapoor, the flick ‘Ra.One’ is set to be a smashing box office hit.

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