“Thank You” is not the “No Entry” sequel

Mumbai: The writer/director Anees Bazmee stated that he does not mix up and match several scripts with other projects, and insists that his upcoming comedy, entitled “Thank You”, has absolutely nothing to do with the film “No Entry”, which was released in 2005.

He read in the media that the film “Thank You” is, in fact, the sequel of the 2005 film. ‘Completely wrong!’ he says, and denied any relation between the two films. Not to mention that the director of his new film is not Boney Kapoor, the director of “No Entry”. Bazmee would not have given the new film to anyone else besides Boney, as he was very satisfied with the success of the film and the way this was accomplished.

Bazmee took his time to discuss about the script of “No Entry Mein Entry”, which is currently in progress. He got the idea of the romantic comedy “Thank You” while he was shooting a song in Egypt, with Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar, and there they decided to go forward with the film.

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