The Damadamm Gamble Pays Off

There are times when even bigger movies can go down the drain and movies like Damadamm can take off with word of mouth publicity. Although, most people believed that Damadamm would not be able to make money the gamble of releasing it on Diwali has paid off for Himesh Reshammiya. It was his decision to release the movie on Diwali because he believed that people would come to watch the movie at all cost. The bad thing for Himesh was that he was releasing his movie with SRK’s magnum opus Ra One which had got a lot of marketing value and hype. 

Damadamm was something that Himesh was looking forward to and he did mention that he would visit Ajmer Sharif if the movie gets better response. Now, Himesh is looking forward to visit Ajmer Sharif and he is also looking forward to re-establish his acting career which went down the drains after Aap Ka Suroor – The Moviee bombed at the box office. Damadamm is an unexpected hit that got popular because of the word of mouth publicity and because of simple script. However, many critics still feel that the movie could have been better if Himesh was not there in the movie.

Himesh will now be seen in various other Bollywood and Hollywood projects like Khiladi 786 – Made in Punjab with Akshay Kumar. Currently, Himesh is waiting for Salman Khan to arrive so that he can enjoy the celebration of Damadamm with his best friend. Damadamm has gained all the money that was invested in just one week which is something really great for Himesh. This is something that Himesh Reshammiya would have never expected but things lately have worked on his side and he is positive that his acting skills will be appreciate by the audiences in the near future.

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