The Era of Sequels is Here

In the early days of Bollywood there was no option for sequels because directors and story writers at that time had much better concepts and stories in their mind and therefore they would always work on something fresh and better. Times have changed today and Bollywood directors and producers are in no mood for original scripts instead they are much bothered about how to recover their profits and therefore most of them love to make sequels which again is a trend that we copy from Hollywood. 

In the next few months to come Indian film audiences will get a high dose of sequels as majority of the producers and directors are working on sequels to their earlier movies, no matter they did well or not. The first to come in the list is Housefull 2 which will be released somewhere in April. It is also confirmed that Sajid Khan who is directing Housefull 2 has already confirmed on directing Housefull 3 which will be released in 2014. Apart from that, audiences will have many other sequels coming up on the screen like Race 2. This one will be a sequel to the earlier thriller by Abbas Mustan. The story will pick up from the same situation where it ends in the earlier part. However, Ameesha Patel has been signed in for the movie who is a new character to the plot.

Anurag Kashyap is also working on a sequel to No Smoking that he directed in 2007. The sequel is called Smoking Kills and he hopes that he can keep his fan following happy. In the list of commercial movies there will be Krrish 2 that will be released next year along with Dhoom 3 which will be a big anticipated movie for 2012. Apart from that David Dhawan will come up with Partner 2 and audience will also enjoy Wanted 2. However, this year it will be SRK who will be seen in Don 2.

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