The King and the Commisioner is in the making

The movie “The King and the Commissioner” which is rated as among the biggest project in the movie industry of Malayalam today since the movie has two of the biggest actors working in the same film.  However, for the actor Mammootty, who will play as one of the lead role where the center of the film will revolve around, the new movie is just another job wherein he must do his part so that he could earn.


Mammootty and Suresh Gopi are two of biggest names on Bollywood who will be featured in the film.  Aside from them the movie also has director Shaji Kailas and scriptwriter Renji Panicker working together to make the movie the best ever.  The director and the scriptwriter hadn’t work for more than 16 years, now they are going team up again in making the movie “The King and the Commissioner.”


Mammootty said that he is a professional actor, for every movie that is assigned to him; he treats it like the rest of the movies.  All of his movies were treated just the same as another because he gets the job done without feeling any excitement or apprehension when shooting for the movies.


In the movie, Mammootty is going to ply the character of the King while Suresh Gopi will be the commissioner.


The title of the movie is taken from two movies were both Suresh Gopi and Mammootty are the leading actors.  Both actors will reprise their respective roles.  There are also other big names that are going to take part in the movie.


In the movie “The King and the Commisioner,” Mammootty plays the role of IAS officer Joseph Alex and Suresh Gopi will be the IPS officer Bharath Chandran.


Mammooty remembered that the movie where he played a king was about a man whose job was a collector and then moves on to hold a high position in Delhi, India.


The scenes from the movie will be done in different location such that the crew will have to move from one place to another.  From Delhi, they are going to one or two big metros.


The new movie is expected to hit the screen this year.


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