The Kya Super Kool Hai Hum Query

In a country where obscenity cannot be taken as humor directors and script writers have to be very careful with the words they use and the kind of humor they provide in the films. There are many adult humor based films that were released but it did not work well because audiences thought that the content was too sleazy and it did not fit well for family viewing. However, in 2005, Kya Kool Hai Hum got released and it was a major hit and many people liked it because it had a different humor angle mixed with adult content. 

Now, the makers of Kya Kool Hai Hum are pondering upon how they can make a better sequel and keep the adult humor content under check because if they overdo it then they might just make things difficult for themselves because many organizations and Censor Board would just cut down certain sections of the movie which might be vital for the movie. Sachin Yardi who wrote the script for the first movie in 2005 is working on the sequel script and will also be directing the movie to make sure that the movie is directed as per the script.

Many sources around the movie claim that there are still many angles that were not explored in the first movie and that such angles will be covered in the sequel. Although, the makers are not ready to add too much adult humor content in the movie but some of the unit members believe that adding a little bit of extra sexual humor will work seeing the success of Delhi Belly. They believe that back in 2005 audiences might not accept more adult humor but today audiences are well aware of adult humor and therefore they will love it and probably might even publicize it.

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