The Mixed Economics of Ra One

Most movies these days are promoted heavily and Shahrukh Khan is one such actor that believes in marketing and promoting the movie in the right way. Before the release of Ra One everybody felt that this movie would definitely break the past records of all Indian movies released so far. However, things went wrong for Ra One when major critics started to speak ugly things about the movie. The result is that Ra One received mixed reviews from all over and many viewers decided to skip the movie and instead enjoy their Diwali celebrations at home. 

However, that does not mean that Ra One is rated as flop because economically it still has a lot of time to cover up all the cost. Although, Ra One might not be able to hit the 21 crore collection mark in the first day itself like Bodyguard but that does not hurt SRK because Ra One is doing very well internationally and if things go at the same rate then Ra One will get back all its money through international box office collections. Currently, Ra One is the number one movie in the UK, US, UAE, New Zealand and Australia market and therefore it will be able to collect more money in this week.

Another good thing for Ra One is that there is no major movie releasing this Friday so Ra One has one more week on its side to recover all the money. On the other hand, SRK is planning to cover up all the money through satellite. In India, the five day collection total of Ra One has reached to 92 crore and therefore Ra One is not too far from the goal of recovering all the money that SRK has spent on it. Hence, Ra One might still fall in the average category because it has never run into a loss.

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