The Politics Around Aazaan

Controversy is the new tool of marketing and promotion for movies and even for political parties and therefore they come up with some controversial statements that can evoke the feelings of the people. Now Samajwadi Party and MNS have issues with the title of the movie as they claim that Aazaan is a holy word but in the movie it has been used for terrorism. This clearly indicates that the politics around the movie is just about to begin as the movie is about to release this Friday. Both the political parties want the director and producers to change the title of the film before the movie is release. 

According to one of the sources, the parties object the word that is also the title of the movie.  The parties believe that the movie is not about peace while the word Aazaan relates to religious peace. In the movie the issues is all about global terrorism and how minorities are being eliminated in the name of religion. The producer who is also the actor in the movie, Sachiin Joshi has said that there is nothing like what the parties claim and it is sad that both the parties have come up with wild accusations even before the movie has been released.

Sachiin said that it is surprising to see political parties making hue and cry of the issue which does not exists. He mentioned that Aazaan is related to peace because the central character in the film is promoting global peace by avoiding and fighting global terrorism. He further added that such demands are hard to keep because there could be serious finance problems involved. The prints are already ready and dispatched so there is nothing that can be done now apart from having negotiations that the movie will go on as it is.

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