Thiruvananthapuram News

The directors and film producers in India are lacking courage to take up scripts which are based on real and serious issues going on in the country today. Or so is the opinion of Jabbar Patel and Sooni Taraporevala, expressed with gravity in Thiruvananthapuram at the IFFK (International Film Festival of Kerala), which happened on Monday.

The main problem is that the audience prefers mainstream movies, although technology today allows the approach of different views and on sensitive social stories. The two argue that it is a shame not to take advantage of the possibilities offered to create something unique and inspiring. Their hopes lay in the young film-makers, who are expected to find a solution to the problems of funding and audience support, and make real movies.

For over two decades, the Indian films are being looked down to, as the films made today cannot rise up to the films made decades ago. We do hope that the younger film producers realize this aspect and take the stand, as we desperately need great films.

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