Tom Cruise thanks Anil Kapoor

Twitter contains many interesting news that actors themselves share with the fans all over the world. Twitter is also the place where actors across the globe like to chat with each other. This is also the case of actors Anil Kapoor and Tom Cruise. No, not separately, with each other.

Anil Kapoor recently returned to India after shooting for the film “Mission Impossible 4”, starring famous Tom Cruise. Anil had stated in an interview given recently that he enjoyed working with Tom Cruise. When having said that, he did not expect that the superstar would thank him for his kind words. Anil had said that Tom works very hard and at times only slept for three hours to make a good film. Anil stated that this is the reason for his success, alongside his talent. He also compared Hollywood to Premier League.

Tom Cruise happened to read the interview and could not remain insensitive to these words, so he expressed his gratitude in Hindi, on Twitter, thanking Anil for his comment.

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