Toonpur in trouble

It seems that custom for the Bollywood productions to be surrounded by controversy. For this time in the centre of attention is the movie called Toonpur Ka Superhero. A legal notice was send by Bappi Lahiri, the well known music director. In it the famous director states that the film has a character which resembles him very much, not only in terms of name but also in the way he looks.

That particular character is called Guppy. In reply the producers of the Bollywood production called Toonpur Ka Superrhero have said that there is no similarity none so ever between their character and the renowned director Bappi Lahiri. In their opinion there is nothing derogatory in this particular character.

They wanted to add that they admire the Bollywood director very much indeed, and they did not have any intention of upsetting Bappi Lahiri. Sources have stated that the producers of Toonpur Ka Superrhero have put the legal team to look into this matter and resolve it as soon as possible.

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