TRAILER: ‘Haider’ Can Be A Game Changer For Shahid Kapoor

“‘Haider’ can be a game-changer for Shahid Kapoor’s career” – Yes, that’s what you will think when you watch the trailer of Vishal Bharwaj’s adaption of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. It’s dark, it’s chilling and it’s sure to impact you.


While the first look posters of the Shahid Kapoor starrer was released yesterday, the first trailer of the movie released today.

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The 2 minutes 23 seconds long trailer isn’t a dead giveaway of the plot of the movie but it does give the glimpse of being a classic. Set in Kashmir, the movie is Vishal Bhardwaj’s third adaption of William Shakespeare’s classic and promises to be a dark and gritty affair.

Shahid plays the role of Hamlet, who returns to his home on receiving the news of his father’s disappearance. His mother is a half-widow now and what’s disturbs him the most is to know that his father has been detained by the security forces for harboring militants. The guy is a rebel now and on mission against the militants. That is the thing that is apparently the thing which turns around the look of Shahid in the movie and he is seen having a gun with a bad haircut and prancing around with a bird-shaped headgear.

But the main drama triggers off when his mother, played by the brilliant Tabu, decides to marry her brother-in-law. Intense drama and friction flows in between the mother and the son on his mother being in a relationship with his uncle, played by the villainous Kay Kay Menon .

But what makes me him literally go crazy is the news the involvement of his uncle in his father’s gruesome murder. Now the guy has lost his control over him and is on a mission to avenge his father’s death, which apparently forms the later part of the story.



While the rock anthem played in the background and non-glamorous look of the star cast is a pleasant change for all bored by the mindless masala movies, the dialogues of the movie are intense and praise-worthy. Another thing to look out is the acting of the star cast. They all seem to be on a mission to deliver their best. If the trailer is to go by, Vishal  Bhardwaj has done an absolutely brilliant job.

Repeating once again, ‘Haider’ has the potential to be a game changer for Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj, who have been losing their grip lately.

Check out the awesome trailer right here. To watch it on Youtube, click here

Slated to be released on October 2, the film has been presented by UTV Motion Pictures.

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