UTV Deals with Chetan Bhagat

There are many authors who have inspired production companies to produce the stories that they write and UTV is the latest production company that has done that recently. Chetan Bhagat is one of the popular authors in India today and after the success of 3 Idiots he has been receiving more readers all over India. He recently launched his latest book called Revolution 2020 and it has received good response by the readers. Taking into consideration the popularity of the book, UTV has decided to make a deal with the writer and have acquired the rights for Revolution 2020. 

Talking about his deal, Chetan Bhagat said that his latest book Revolution 2020 has been liked by many readers across India and it has sold 8.5 lakh copies in just a month. The topics involved in the book deals with the situation that youth faces today and therefore it has the potential to be made into a film that will be appreciated by the audiences that love contemporary stories that reflect the mirror to the society. He further revealed that he has been in talks with UTV and they have read the book before it was released and they loved it. Hence, they are thinking to make a movie out of it because they feel that the book can be converted into a good movie.

However, Chetan Bhagat did not revealed more information about the film saying that he is involved in writing books that people love to read and therefore all the inside information about the movie is not his business. He said that information about the movie should be collected from UTV as they will be handling the movie making process. However, he said that he will be happy to assist UTV if they require any help on the subject matter.

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