Vidyut Jammwal: Saluting the Bravado

At 29, this smoky suave sexy lad is the newest entrant in the tinsel town. With his maiden venture, he has had the balls rolling in favour of him. A Sagittarian number 1, that he is, Vidyut is superbly interesting to converse with and can blow you off your minds with his intelligence. From talking about his Kolkata roots to his likings for any woman, he has struck the right chord with this interview.
Easily one of the most comfortable interviews till date, Vidyut’s got a stunningly disarming candour that can attract anyone to him.A mast chhora and awesome manners, his temperament is tangible. You might speak to him for hours, non stop and still not get bored.

Rugged looks and intense eyes…yes he is perfectly DESI-rable!!
Get the cue??? Well keep reading for more

Passion, glamour, glitz, hard work, ability and expressions: A blend of which of the following aspects do you see in a potential actor?

Honestly speaking, it has to be an amalgamation of everything. Any of these missing would actually make an incomplete actor or performer. I think it’s a conglomeration of all these things giving Passion. Even if 1% of this is missing, it will kill the person, be it an actor, a performer or from any other field.

There were 500 other contestants who auditioned with you for ‘Force’ and you ousted all of them to bag the role. How was the feeling then?

For me, it was quite easy. I didn’t have to go through many things. A friend of mine told me Nishikant (Kamat) was casting for this role and I got a call from him. I met Nishikant in the afternoon at 12. He looked at me and said, “You know Vidyut, the way you look, that is exactly how the character is supposed to look” He wanted a tall, good looking guy with a good body. So he said that the meeting was done but yet, he needed to audition me. The next day, by about afternoon, I got a call from Fox saying that I had got the role. So it was pretty easy to look at it that way.

You are a trained martial arts performer. Tell us something about that.

I was always very keen to try out this form, even when I was a child and I happen to be born to an incredible family. My mother happens to be a part of this ashram in Kerala and at the age of 3, I started practicing this art form called Kalaripayattu. Looking back, I recall getting awards and appreciation for what I was doing. One thing led to the other and I picked up different martial art forms. I have done about 5 of them in total. I have not only done them but I have gone through the whole process. By the time I was 13, I was a national gymnast. Martial art has really helped me and added principles and Life to my life!

Do you think the martial art form training helped you perform Vishnu better?

Any art form, be it even dance forms make you more comfortable and a confident man or woman. So yes it did the same for me. And in the movie, there were scenes where I had been introduced as an action guy. All of them had been choreographed by me and those bad guys were actually trained by me. I loved doing and playing the whole bit and the action director gave me full liberty to do it.

Force being your first movie and you playing the nemesis to the hero, did you think this will stereotype you as an actor?

I believe so much in destiny that I don’t think about doing something thinking what would happen to me for it. I was just doing my job, so I was not worried. But people around me kept telling me that Vidyut, this might just stereotype you. But my instincts have paid off. Nobody has stereotyped me because the offers they are giving me all kinds of movies: be it romantic roles or action movies. I like it the unconventional way and I am a complete different person. I don’t socialize much, I don’t attend much parties, I sleep early and wake up early.

Rapid fire:

A role that you wish you had done: I wish I had done Heath Ledger’s role in Batman!

A director that you want to work with: Oh, it has to be my neighbour Imtiaz Ali. I love the way he makes movies

Brands that you follow: I am not really a brands guy. I am athlete so I am into the sports brands. I like Nike for sure, but if it comes to designers, my favourite is Manish Malhotra.

Your comfort wear: I am normally dressed in my T-shirts and track pants. I am comfortable in whatever I wear; I am not the one who dresses to the T!

You go bananas over: Fitness and a great body!

Something about you the world is unaware of: I am one of the fastest road gymnasts and I am very fast on the floor.

The last phone call you made was to: My manager!

A tagline that best describes you: Defy Gravity, but Still Grounded!

You won the Filmfare Male Debutante Award and The Stardust Breakthrough Performance Award this year for your incredible performance, your reactions?

I feel delighted, and realize that it comes with great responsibility. The idea of being accepted by your fraternity is such an overwhelming feeling.

You are dashing, good looking, suave, sexy and 29. So is marriage on the cards

You know what; marriage has got nothing to do with Age. I believe in Destiny and I don’t indulge in planning anything. I believe if something has to happen, it will happen. I even tell my parents that don’t stress on it; when it is supposed to happen, it will happen for sure!

You are one of the most sought after actors now; you symbolize the youth just perfectly! What is the message for the youth?

Keep your brain in the right place. Do not get swayed away by what people say about you. Passionately follow what you want to because that will bring you happiness with the success.

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