Village of Widows Now as Feature Film

Bollywood directors are already looking for inspiration from Hollywood flicks and sometimes they go ahead and adapt some international bestseller to make sure that people don’t realize that they are inspired. However, directors are now trying different ways to bring hardcore subjects into limelight which is why we have seen various hard hitting movies in recent times. Many directors feel that audiences here in India are now ready for different kind of cinema which do have some level of Bollywood masala but at the same time they are very offbeat as well. 

Dardpora is a village in Kashmir which is populated with widows of terrorists and militants and last year one of the directors Ashoke Pandit decided to go there and shoot a documentary called Village of Widows that talked about the pathetic plight of the widows in the village. However, now the director has decided that he will transform his documentary into feature film. For this the director has decided that some of the real widows will share space with Bollywood actresses so that it can enhance the performance. The director has already decided to come up with workshops where Bollywood actresses and widows can interact each other to understand the emotional plight of the widows.

Ashoke Pandit has signed Shabana Azmi to play the role of the main widow that will guide the others on how to act in front of camera. Although, the director is sure that the crew and cast will shoot the movie in the actual village. However, it is still not confirmed as there will be many challenging situations that the team might have to face during the shooting. Ashoke Pandit is definitely moved by the story and wants to make sure that people of India see the same situation through his eyes in Village of Widows.

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