Will Aazaan Beat Don 2?

SRK is always known for its romantic image but this year Shah Rukh Khan will be in full mood to kick some butt because both his movies are going to be action movies. Shah Rukh Khan recently admitted that he is already bored of the romantic movies that are being offered to him and its time that he do something different. This November and December he will have releases like Ra One and Don 2 and in both the movies he will be battling out to stay on top. However, there is one movie that will launch before both these SRK movies and that is Aazaan. 

Aazaan might not have the great star cast that is required to pitch the movie up to the audience but it definitely looks better and it can bring in a lot of audience. Aazaan is among the most expensive action thriller which has espionage theme. This means that the movie will have some combinations of James Bond and Mission Impossible. The movie has been shot in more than nine different countries and the music is not that bad at all. Together this can attract the people to see if the movie is really worth watching.

Aazaan and Don 2 both are action films and they both have some mind-blowing stunts that are never seen before on Bollywood screen. This is something that is more than enough for the audience because some action movies can draw in large crowds based on the action scenes that are pitched in. Recently, SRK did a 300 feet jump stunt in Don 2 and something similar is there in Aazaan as well. However, Aazaan releases two months before Don 2 which means that people will believe that it was SRK who copied stunts from Aazaan creating problems for SRK to get in more audiences.

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