Will Desi Boyz Make Some Mark?

Akshay is definitely among the top contenders when we talk about the best Bollywood actors. He has done many movies in different genres and he has proved that he can be among the top with all the Khans and Kapoors. However, things are not going right for Akshay at the moment with most of his movies not able to make it big. Many people feel that Akshay is down and out now because he has been doing comedies all the time that does not give him the option to showcase his skills. However, trade experts feel that this is the not the right reason for Akshay’s line of flops.

This year most top contenders are going into premium club of Bollywood because they are already into 100 crore mark. Now Akshay is just a few months away from that mark and hope Akshay is able to touch that. To make this possible, Akshay has Desi Boyz under his belt which has the potential to make it big since its going to be release in the festive season. Trade experts believe that Desi Boyz do have the potential to make big because the chemistry between Akshay and John looks really good and they have worked together in Garam Masala and have done decent job.

Trade experts feel that the trailer of the movie was really fresh and it looks like the movie will do well at the box office. They believe that Akshay’s Thank You and Patiala House were not promoted well and that is the reason behind why they did not do good business. Tees Maar Khan was promoted in a better way and it became the biggest entertainer for Akshay last year. However, there are many people who feel that even though the trailer looks fresh it depends entirely on the plot of the movie and various factors that decide the fate of the movie.

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