Worst Bollywood Films Of 2011

2011 was a great year for Bollywood in terms of off beat, revolutionary cinema. But at the same time, 2011 saw a host of movies which were in the most polite words disappointing and absolutely ridiculous. Here is a list of the worst of the Bollywood movies which released in 2011:

1) Thank You

A stale concept. Predictable characters. Pseudo witty dialogues enmeshed with sheer bad acting. Faulty screenplay. Akshay Kumar as the private detective who specializes in solving extra marital relationship cases falls dismally. All in all Thank You was a disaster that Anees Bazmee will remember for a long time to come.

2) Game

When Farhan Akhtar produces a movie you are bound to have high expectation out of it. But Game disappeared the moment it released. People don’t have any memory of this movie, it was that insignificant. The pile of flops on Abhishek Bachchan’s report card just had a new addition. Actors like Shahana Goswami and Boman Irani make you hope for a ray of worth in the movie. But alas, it was bore with not an ounce of  thrill, in this so-called thriller. Based on Agatha Christie’s famous novel, ‘And then there were none’. The movie fails to create an aorta of suspense in the audience. The dialogues were sloppy. The climax is rather delayed and slow. The music was down. There was nothing good about the movie, nothing worth remembering at all.

3) Dil toh Baccha hai ji

An artist must stick to his genre ideally. When they try experimenting with other genres to which they are not quite familiar, it is bound to be a disaster. Madhur Bhandarkar is all about serious and realistic cinema. Suddenly jumping to comedy was literally a leap which didn’t materialize quite well. At places, the brilliance of the director shows as out of bad script, tender, warm, almost beautiful moments erupt. But that’s it. The movie is all about random moments here and there. The language of the movie is literally rugged and cheap. It is monotonously stretched and has a long running time. The subtlety and charm of romance has been brutally murdered in the movie. You might laugh at places but the movie fails to deliver at all.

4)      Rascals

David Dhavan was once considered to be the king of comedy movies created a disaster by making a film as ridiculous as this. There can be no polite way of putting how pathetic the movie was. It was rude, insensitive and mean to the core that it wasn’t funny at all. The women might find Kangana’s repeated feeling up by old perverts as simply offensive. The movie is surely not reflective of class or taste on part of the makers. The sexual jokes are overdone to the extent of dirtiness and filth. If you are a sensible atom of the audience, you would be disgusted and angry to watch this one.

5)      Not A love story

It has been years since Ram Gopal Varma made something that his audiences liked. This movie has the same problem as the rest of the above do. It is plain boring. The audience would not  be able to gather enthusiasm to sit through the movie at all. The film opened badly and went by unnoticed. RGV charm is gone till he proves that he still has it in him to make good cinema. The audiences just said after this one, that they don’t care whether it is a love story or not.

6)      Mausam

This movie brought in bad weather for everyone; the audience and its makers. The prolific actor, Pankaj Kapur’s directorial venture featuring his son Shahid Kapur was as slow as a snail. The movie tried to bring in old fashioned charming love but halfway through the film logic and common sense had a bad death. The director failed to understand that the movie is set in a technologically advanced backdrop. The story spans over a decade and the movie seems just as long to bear. The movie will leave back a pain so tremendous that you might want to give up watching cinema altogether. Besides a few moments of subtle charm and romance, the movie has nothing more to give.

7)     PatialaHouse

Akshay Kumar is finally not in one of his typically Buffoon roles in this movie. He seems more like a dead man with no emotions and let’s mention no spine either. His expressions evoke nothing more than pity for him and more so for the film. This movie at the heart of it is a family drama which is tyrannical to the core. The concept will sound almost rural and especially because it is set in London, it is unbelievable. The movie is a heap of needless melodrama in a Punjabi tarka gravy. The movie is loud at places. There is flashback story of inflicted racism, and even that fails to justify Rishi Kapoor’s tyrannical behavior. The only welcoming bit was Anushka Sharma with her vivaciousness which renders to the movie some color. All in all this movie was the blandest Punjabi tarka ever.

8)      Loot

Like his partner Dhawan, even Govinda has lost his comic touch or may be comedy and the idea of it has improved with more sensible audience watching movies these days. You are going to be filled with pity for Govinda, when you see him trying to make people laugh in the most ridiculous of ways. You will lose the hang of the story as soon as it begins and will end up taking a good nap rather than watching this horrendously flawed movie.

The brighter side of the story is the number of hits was far more than the flops. The year came out with some excellent cinematic brilliance in their work. 2011 has been a fairly good year for Bollywood. Bollygraph is hoping for a diminished flop rate and more good cinema in 2012.

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