Yeh Dooriyan Review

Movie Title – Yeh Dooriyan Yeh-Dooriyan

Critic Rating – 2.5/5

Star Cast – Achint Kaur, Ayub Khan, Chitrashi Rawat, Deepshikha, Delnaz Paul, Inder Kumar, Kaishav Arora, Kunika, Rajesh Khera and Salman Khan

Director – Deepshikha

Producer – Deepshikha

Music Director – Amjad Nadeem, Meet Brothers, Anjan Ankit and Raju Singh

Genre – Drama, Family

Relationships are very sensitive and in the current scenario relationships are more complex than before because we are being infused by the western culture and the ideologies that is very strange to us. However, there are many things that still remains in the typical Indian society and that is average thinking of people considering the age factor. Age certainly plays an important role in our society and that is what the movie focuses on. Directed by Deepshikha the movie talks about relationships and age factor that can make life worse especially in Indian society. The movie stars Achint Kaur, Ayub Khan, Chitrashi Rawat, Deepshikha, Delnaz Paul, Inder Kumar, Kaishav Arora, Kunika, Rajesh Khera and Salman Khan.

The plot revolves around Simmi (Deepshikha) who works as a choreographer but she is divorcee and lives with her two kids. She is already in her 30s and therefore her friends and her family want her to remarry and settle again. Soon, Simmi meets Raj (Kaishav) who is a model and joins her dance academy. Raj soon gets closer to Simmi’s kids and gradually Simmi falls in love with him as well. However, certain section of the society objects that the age between the two is not right. On the other hand, she is a divorcee and he is a bachelor. To make things worse, Simmi’s ex-husband (Inder) wants her back in his life. Now, Simmi has to choose between Raj and Inder.

On performance level, Deepshikha has done well to portray the role of a woman who can handle all her life and kids well, but then she is trap between the society, Raj and Inder. She has not overacted in any of the scenes which is what makes you sit throughout the movie. Kaishav is good in his role as young model who falls for Simmi. The rest of the cast is not very much appealing and that is a negative point for the movie. Technically, the movie is not too appealing as well. The music is just average and therefore no good songs to keep you entertain all the time.

Yeh Dooriyan is a social family drama that slaps the Indian society for believing in certain ideologies which are now primitive. It also highlights the fact that an old age man can marry a young girl half his age, but not the vice versa. Ye Dooriyan comes up with a very strong social message about the hypocrisy and partiality of relationships but fails to deliver with all the impact. The story written by Deepshikha is strong but poor performances by rest of the cast and weak screenplay mess up the entire effort. The cast itself is new and therefore there is no one who can attract the audience and give Yeh Dooriyan some credit for the good decent script it has. A better screenplay with top actors minus some unwanted songs could have made huge difference for the fate of the movie.

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