YRF Entertainment for International Market

We all know that Yash Raj Films produces some of the finest movies that Bollywood has ever seen, but in the last few years Yash Raj Films have been trying to get some strong foothold internationally as well. There are many Indians abroad and therefore movies are made keeping in mind international audiences as well. Uday Chopra might not be great actor and might not have the best acting career but he has decided to take on another role as CEO of YRF Entertainment. The new company YRF Entertainment will be a Hollywood-based production company that will finance some of the best Hollywood scripts. 

All the funds for the company will be done through Yash Raj Films which is certainly producing some of the best Indian movies so far. Uday Chopra will be working with Jonathan Reiman who is the Head Development and Production directly under Uday Chopra. Talking more about the new company, Uday said that Yash Raj has been making some of the best quality films for the Indian audiences and he shares the same passion. However, he also has the passion for American films and therefore he would love to go ahead with this venture where he can produce some of the best American films.

At the moment, YRF Entertainment is producing The Longest Week which is directed and written by Peter Glanz. Uday was looking for some good material and he felt that the story had a lot of humor in it. Uday had a meeting with the director because he wanted to make sure that the deal goes well and he closed the deal in less than two weeks. Uday feels that YRF Entertainment will soon become one of the popular Hollywood production companies. He is currently working on various other projects that are in the lineup.

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