A. R. Rahman nominated for BAFTA

Mumbai: A. R. Rahman, the most popular composer in India has again received a nomination for his incredible work for the film “127 Hours”. This time, the composer was nominated at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award.

The music of the film made by Danny Boyle, “127 Hours”, was described as being original, catchy and passionate, and the composer has many chances to bring home a trophy.

Recently, A. R. Rahman was nominated for a Golden Globe for the same soundtrack, but lost to the film of the year in the USA, “The Social Network”. Others nominated for the Golden Globe were Danny Elfman for “Alice in Wonderland”, John Powell for “How To Train Your Dragon”, Alexandre Desplat for “The King’s Speech” and Hans Zimmer for “Inception”.

It would not be the first important award A. R. Rahman wins in his career. Last year, the composer wrote the music for “Slumdog Millionaire”, which brought him an Oscar. The film was a real success too, making Bollywood more appreciated worldwide.

Source: http://ceedyreflections.blogspot.com/2009/01/r-rahman.html

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