A. R. Rahman’s melody in Michael Bolton’s new album

Oscar winner, India’s sensation A. R. Rahman’s latest collaboration is with international pop star Michael Bolton who is set to release his new album titled ‘Gems – The Duets Collection’ on June 21, 2011. This latest album of Michael Bolton ‘Gems – The Duets Collection’ will feature productions by acclaimed songwriters, producers and musicians including Grammy Award Winning Country Super Group, Rascal Flatts, Australian singing sensation, International Pop Superstar, Seal, the famed late vocalist Eva Cassidy, Delta Goodrem and of course our very own Academy Award winning singer-composer A.R.Rahman.

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience recording this album,” says Bolton . “The opportunity to work with legendary talent like David Foster, Dan Huff, A.R. Rahman and some of the absolutely greatest singers and recording artists in the entire world was inspiring. I can’t wait to share the special music we all created with the world.”

“We heard that Michael wanted to write something with us. We all kept telling ourselves, ‘It’s like, Michael Bolton! Come on – he’s one of the greatest singers on the planet,” says Rascal Flatts. “He wanted to get the whole band involved and make this thing really fresh and new. It was just so cool that we had a chance to get together and write this killer song called ‘Love is Everything.'”

“When I first met Michael, we got to talking about music, philosophy, the universe, and many things that we had in common,” shares A.R. Rahman. “I wanted Michael to do a bit of singing that he’s never done before, without compromising on his musicality.”

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