Hosanna, A.R. Rahman’s song lands in trouble

A.R Rahman has achieved success in the music industry with songs that are soulful. However this time Rahman seem to have landed up in trouble. Rahman’s latest track from the film “Ek Deewana Tha” has been very popular. But unfortunately there has been series of protests for the inclusion of a word “Hosanna” in the song. The song has become one of the most   top grosser and has created lot of buzz in the film industry .The track is slowly becoming popular but there has been serious protests by  Christian Secular Forum (CSF) who wants the word Hosanna to be deleted from the song . The Christian Secular Forum (CSF) commented that the word “Hosanna” is considered to be sacred and therefore its inclusion in a song is not acceptable. They further added that the word “Hosanna” is there in the Holy Bible and is being used by the Jews and the Christians. In the movie they have a dance and   song routine with the word “Hosanna” in it. To make matters even worse in the movie, the boy proposes to the girl by singing the particular song that has the word” Hosanna “in it.

The Christian Secular Forum (CSF) has not take this mater lightly and they have demanded a public apology along with deleting the word “Hosanna” from the entire song. They also added that the song has hurt the feelings of Christina and Jews so they have demanded an apology by sending an email to composer AR Rahman, Javed Akhtar the lyricist and all those related to Fox Star Studio and Sony Music. The Christian Secular Forum (CSF) has even threatened to move to court against Fox Star Studios and Sony Music and have even decided to lodge a police complaint. However amidst such controversy one could hardly get any comments from the makers of the movie.

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